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Oh yes indeedy, just got back. You will have to wait for my pics I'm afraid not digitalised yet have to get them on a disc -give me a couple of days. Elijah looked gorgeous as usual for some reason he looked hyper scrubbed and clean :D, very neat.

Still all smiles and I'm going to scan my photo cos I got him to draw the worse - for - wear bunny - really sweet. Didn't get a full hug, he didn't seem to be giving them so freely this time but I did get to put an arm round him and he leaned in real nice!! :)

I think I've finally got used to this type of thing now, I was'nt overexcited, emotional and squeeing after seeing him again, I just kind of glowed warmly and walked around with a smile for a long time - it's still there!

Good crowd but a manageable size. I was annoyed because a dodgy looking couple barged ahead of the queue, were just two in front of me - bought about 30 pictures (I kid you not!) and had him sign over and over.
Everyone just looked stunned, got a little too much for me and I said loudly 'lucrative business they've got there!' When he'd finished the staffer said have a couple of seconds to rest and Elijah said 'oh, thanks a lot!' in a irritated tone. I would have just refused to sign more than two if it was me - some people just don't mind about taking the piss one jot! :Z

Back tommorow with the talk at 3.50pm UK time
  • Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for the scan, hon. OK if I link this in my LJ?

    Geez, 30 pictures. That is ridiculous. They are probably going to try and sell them on eBay or something.
  • 30 pictures?! Must have been dealers. I remember at C4 sometimes the queues would stop so these guys could get their tons of signatures.

    Looking forward to see the picture! :D
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